Thursday, May 21, 2015

Abolishing Human Abortion was NOT Invented by Abolish Human Abortion

Let me make it clear that while I do propose that we support intermediate pro-life legislation restricting abortion, I strongly and rationally object to this being characterized as a "compromise," or as "regulating" abortion, and I also wish to point out that "intermediate" is a better, more accurate way to characterize these laws than "incremental." Unfortunately, there is a group of abortion activists known as Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) who routinely condemn the pro-life movement using these mischaracterizations, and I think that it is time that we set the record straight.

First, let me explain why intermediate restrictions on abortion does not involve compromise. It is not compromise to pass an intermediate restriction so long as we do not stop short of total abolition. We do not need to abolish abortion in one step - so long as we do not stop until we abolish it completely.

IF we were in the position where abortion were illegal, and some liberal came along pushing for unrestricted access to abortion, and we agreed to allow abortion in some but not all instances (i.e. restricted abortions), then that would be a compromise. We are NOT in that position, and so passing a restriction on abortion (which is currently legal) is NOT compromise on our part, and it is not rational to suggest that it is.

Second, let me explain why this is not merely "regulating" abortion. We regulate activities (such as driving, banking, etc) which we wish to remain legal, but well regulated. That is NOT the case for abortion. Therefore, it is insane, dishonest and intentionally deceitful to say that these abortion restrictions are intended to merely "regulate" abortion. Again, the people who make that claim are not being rational.

Finally, let me explain why "intermediate" is a more accurate characterization that "incremental." The main problem I have with the term "incremental" is that one can refer to an "incremental" improvement without implying any intention of further progress. However, when you refer to something as an "intermediate" step, you suggest that it is only intermediary. That's why it is a better, more accurate term.

For example, slapping a coat of paint on a porch that needs to be completely replaced is an incremental improvement, but is not an intermediate step towards the new porch.

As a movement, we do not wish to see abortion abolished incrementally. In other words, we do not prefer that it be done slowly in many steps. We see those steps as merely intermediate steps along the road road to a total ban. In fact, we wish these steps were not necessary, and we wish them to be as large as possible. In face, this is another problem with the term "incremental" - it has the connotation that these steps are or should be relatively small. "Intermediate" has no such connotation.

Granted, I do agree that "incremental" is not entirely inaccurate, but "intermediate" does a better job of conveying that these restrictions are not the endgame, but only intermediate steps along the way. We do not prefer to take incremental steps. We only see them as intermediate steps which advance and strengthen the right to life position and save lives.

In summary, each of these characterizations as I have presented them here are really based on the observation that abolishing human abortion was NOT invented by Abolish Human Abortion! Instead, it was invented many years before anyone ever heard of AHA. It was invented by those of us in the pro-life movement.