As we describe here, the right to life argument does not rest on any religious doctrine or text. Rather, there is a completely secular argument (based completely upon science and logic) to be made for the right to life of unborn human beings. This argument is a rational one - not a religious one, and therefore, makes a better foundation upon which to make law.

As we will show, it is not necessary to use religion or religious doctrine to defend the right to life position, nor to argue for the abolition of human abortion. This secular argument is based solely on observational science and rational thinking. That said, we want to make it very clear that we are not maligning religion in any way. We all have certain religious beliefs (even atheists). For what it's worth, we are evangelical Christians, and are active in a local Baptist church. However, one does not need to resort to one's religion in order to make the right to life argument, nor to make law accordingly.

We are starting this blog specifically to cover the issue of abortion from a scientific and rational perspective. We probably write more on abortion than on any other topic. And that is probably because the pro-life position is one of the easiest positions to defend logically. The pro-abortion crowd has only a limited number of arguments - most of which are nothing more than bumper sticker slogans devoid of any real content. There are a number of ways to debunk these pro-abortion arguments and that is what we plan to do. 

We hope to use this blog as not only a way to get pro-life arguments out there, but to serve as something of an archive of pro-life arguments for the future so that we can avoid having to type out the same response to the same tired old arguments over and over. We also plan to cover current events related to abortion and give our take on them. 

Why "The Rational Abolitionist"? As in earlier abolition movements, the primary goal here is to bring about the end (or abolition) of the legal abuse of the inalienable rights of a group of people. In the past in this country, it was slavery which was addressed by abolitionists. Now it is abortion that must be addressed. However, this change must involve a change in the law, and that is why a rational approach is necessitated. While there is nothing wrong in using scripture to inform one's worldview, law should also have a firm basis on science and reason because not everyone accepts the authority of scripture. 

That is our goal here - to show that the right to life position is not based solely on Bible doctrine, but that it also has a firm basis on science and logic. Therefore, even those who do not accept the authority of scripture should support the abolition of abortion.