Friday, November 28, 2014

Abortion Should be Completely Abolished Immediately

Let's make this statement very clear right up front. Abortion should be completely abolished immediately. Make no mistake, we when it comes to human abortion, we are definitely and undeniably in the abolitionist camp.

Clearly, the abolition of abortion includes making it completely illegal, and that should be done as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Until that complete abolition can be accomplished, abortion should be restricted as much as possible, as often as possible, in any way possible.

However, this does NOT mean that we should tell our elected representatives to propose restrictions rather than a total abortion ban. In other words, do not focus on the statement that abortion should be "restricted" as the primary focus or the main desire. The primary, first, and most important goal is to abolish abortion as rapidly and efficiently as possible – immediately, if at all possible. The restriction alternative is a distant second choice which is still far better than nothing at all.

The point is that while we should not try to have restrictions *proposed* by our representatives, we should support those that are proposed. We should take the ground that is available while continuing the fight for total abolition.

Second, this does NOT mean that we should preferentially select representatives who do not support the total abolition of abortion. Instead, we should vote for the strongest pro-life candidate available.*  That does not mean that we should throw our vote away on someone that no one’s ever heard of, but of the candidates who actually have any chance of getting elected, we should choose the strongest right to life candidate available – ideally, another abolitionist.

So the point is that as abolitionists, we should make the abolition of abortion our primary goal, and one that we request of our elected representatives. However, if we have the opportunity to restrict abortion in the meantime, we should take that opportunity do so. We should certainly not oppose such restrictions. Instead, we should actively support those restrictions while making it clear that we are not trading restrictions for abolition.

This IS the rational approach to abolition.


* "Pro-Life" not a bad term, abortion abolitionists are pro-life by definition.

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