Monday, January 26, 2015

Amazing Photos that Show the Humanity of the Unborn


This picture shows an ultrasound of my nephew, Kyler, in the womb compared to a picture of him at about a year old. The similarity is amazing! His distinctive facial features were already present, long before he was born.
Of course, scientifically speaking, that isn't really so surprising. After all, his genetic blueprint has been there since he was a zygote. Yes, Kyler was a zygote, then he was an embryo, then he was fetus, then he was a neonate, and now he is a toddler. But going through different stages of development didn't change who he is. He was the same person before and after birth. Birth didn't change who he was. It only changed his location.
This example is just one of many that demonstrates the humanity of children in the womb. We are all distinct and unique human individuals from conception onward.
If it would be wrong to kill Kyler now (and it is), it would also have been wrong to kill him in some earlier stage of development. That previous stage was the same child, just a little younger. It was still Kyler.
The arguments that are often given for abortion don't hold up when you consider this simple fact - that the child who is born is the same child that was in the womb. It's the same person.

So if it would NOT be okay to kill a toddler because of these reasons:
  • his mother's life is difficult
  • he is unloved
  • he'll grow up poor or abused
  • his mother was raped
  • he's a burden on his mother
  • he has a physical deformity
  • his parents are closely related
  • his mother isn't ready to be a mother right now

Then it is NOT okay to kill that same child when he's younger and still in the womb for those reasons either.

It's really very simple. Abortion is not okay. Abortion is wrong. It's the killing of a defenseless human child. No excuses or sad stories about the mother make it okay to kill the child.

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