Friday, March 6, 2015

West Virginia Bans Abortions After 20 Weeks Over Governor Veto

According to this article, West Virginia lawmakers have passed a ban on abortions after 20 weeks over a governor veto. The bill was passed and then vetoed by Governor Tomblin. It was then passed again, 77-16, to override the veto and make it law.

Bans on late-term abortion are overwhelmingly supported by the people across the country and of different political views. But they still have a hard time passing in many areas because of leftist senators, representatives, and governors who fight these protections for unborn children.

Babies at 20 weeks are known to be capable of feeling pain and babies as young as 22 weeks have survived outside the womb. All of the organs and organ systems are in place and starting to function. Babies of this age and younger have also been successfully operated on while still in the womb.

Of course, unborn babies of any age are human individuals and should be protected, but even people who cannot see this fact can recognize that a 20 week old fetus looks like a human baby and has all the usual organs. And since they can feel pain, it is especially cruel to allow them to be dismembered and crushed during an abortion.

Vetoing the bill was a despicable thing to do. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing young human individuals who can feel pain to be barbarously murdered simply because they are unwanted.

But thankfully, the legislators of West Virginia have stepped up and provided protection for these vulnerable members of the human race. Good for them. Keep it up, West Virginia. There are more babies needing protection.

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  1. Thank You, Lord, for giving us some people willing to stand up...this is so critical!


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