Monday, May 12, 2014

Twins Born Holding Hands

These identical twins were born holding hands.

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It's rare for babies to share an amniotic sac, as these twins did. But it is quite common for twins to interact with each other in the womb. These babies already know one another and have been interacting with each other for months. I expect that newborns have many memories of life in the womb that persist for awhile, though they are eventually overwritten, as are most memories of early childhood. These memories are the reason, for example, that babies can recognize their mother's voice at birth. They have heard and remembered it from their life in the womb.

Babies have lives in the womb that we don't see, but which we can catch a glimpse of in circumstances like this. Birth isn't the beginning of life. It is just a event that happens in a person's life.

The idea that the unborn are not human beings is patently false. We can determine that strictly through science, which tells us that a new human individual is formed at fertilization. But stories like this one can help bring home to us the humanity of the unborn in a more personal way.

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