Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Woman Films Abortion and Says It was Right For Her

In this video, a young woman named Emily Letts shows her abortion procedure (not graphic) and talks about it.

Emily is a "patient advocate" at an abortion facility. She speaks with women before they have an abortion to reassure them and make them feel better about what they are doing. In other words, she is an abortion advocate, not a patient advocate. True patient advocates would speak for the patient, not for the interests of the abortion facility.

Anyway, Emily found out she was pregnant and had an abortion. But she filmed it to show women that "There can be a positive abortion experience." Why did she get an abortion? "I'm not ready to have children," she says. She also says that "It was right for me" and that she feels no sadness or remorse.

Well, I'm not at all surprised that she had such a "good" experience or that she feels no sadness or remorse after the fact. There are plenty of murderers, thieves, rapists, and other wrong-doers out there who feel no remorse. The right or wrong nature of an action does not depend on whether a person feels remorse afterwards. We don't determine whether something is right or wrong by feelings. For that, we need facts.

The fact is that a human being is formed at fertilization and an abortion intentionally ends that life. Unless a woman's life is in danger, there is no possible justification for ending the human life in her womb. Thus, it is wrong to do so, whether a person feels guilty and sad about it or feels quite happy.

As for her statement that she isn't ready to have children, well, she already had one. Once a woman is pregnant, she already has a child. Abortion doesn't prevent children. It kills them.

The argument that it was "right" for Emily to get an abortion is humongously self-centered and callous. No doubt her life is much easier without a child to take care of. That doesn't mean she had the right to kill her son or daughter.

The focus throughout the entire video is on what the procedure was like for her. She felt good; she feels no remorse; she has support from the people in her life; she is so lucky; she appreciates the abortionists, who are her "heroes." But while she was lying there feeling lucky, her child was brutally killed. What about the child? When do we think about what's right for the child? Apparently, never. Abortion is all about what the woman wants and the baby's rights are ignored. How is that different from any other murder? No doubt most of the murderers in the world were also thinking only about what was "right" for them and not about the rights of their victim. But no one has a right to kill another human being, whether it makes life better for them or not.

In the end, a child's life was ended because of the selfishness of his mother. She couldn't be bothered to think of anyone but herself, and her baby died so that she wouldn't have to take responsibility for the life she created. That is appalling, whether Emily ever feels guilty or not.

It's ironic that Emily states in the description of her video that "I respect everyone's opinions as long as they do not force them onto others." So do I. But I cannot respect Emily's opinions because she forced them (quite literally) on her child when she aborted him.

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